Ethan Long at {pages} a bookstore

I have been frequenting my indie bookseller {pages} a bookstore quite a bit this summer. This week I dropped by to meet author/illustrator Ethan Long. One of his new books (he has over 50 to his credit with more to come in the near future), Up! Tall! and High! (But Not Necessarily in That Order.), sounded like just the book to get for my new nephew. (Betsy Bird of A Fuse #8 Production gave it a glowing review.)

Maya got to sit next to Ethan Long

After reading the book aloud (and asking Maya to be his book holder), he drew birds for all of the tikes who were there. At first, he was going to draw the birds in the style of the book's illustrations, but one little guy walked right up and, wordlessly, stuck his hand on the paper. So Ethan just drew a bird out of the handprint! And, of course, if one kid had it drawn that way, all the kids wanted it drawn that way.

I even got one done; I plan to hang it up in my library.

my handprint turned into a bird

He blogged about his visit to {pages} here. And here he is at work drawing birds:

To purchase the book:


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