This is why we do what we do ...

I received the nicest email this morning from the mom of a former student telling me her daughter (a 3rd grader) finished the Harry Potter series. Now, this is an accomplishment in and of itself, but it's all the more special because this particular student was a bit of a reluctant reader at the beginning of 2nd grade, mostly because of vision problems that were being corrected at the time. The mom came to me asking for reading suggestions throughout the year, and we helped build up her confidence and love of books. (Some of the first books I suggested were Chris Riddell's Ottoline books, which I love.)

And, now, she's reading books that are hundreds of pages long! She specifically asked her mom to email me to 1) let me know she read all of the Harry Potter books, and 2) to ask for book suggestions of character-driven books that she might enjoy.

As someone who reluctantly left her job working with kids in a school library, there's nothing more rewarding than having a student still look to me for reading advice. That I had an impact on her life, no matter how small, is something that makes me truly proud of the work I did. And to miss it greatly. 

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